Consumer-oriented marketing has acquired center stage. With companies such as Netflix and Amazon emerging as the front-runners, there is a steady transition towards hyper personalized marketing campaigns. But it all starts at one place – knowing your target audience better than anyone! So how does one get started with research on their audience/customers

Conventional customer segmentation as a basis for gathering customer intelligence wherein they are segregated according to industries and demographics is paling in relevance. Integration of real-time behavioral data, which includes researching about historic customer activity, carries more weighting. Market research platforms such as MarketNgage uses these state of the art methodologies to provide unique and actionable insights on different markets and customers

In the modern era, what enterprises market today is not just a mere product or service, rather it is a complete experience in itself. This endows a sense of personal belonging within the customer. Attributed to the multifarious benefits, it is evident that hyper personalization is a clear winner in the years to come.

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