Given the highly complicated nature of data analytics and market research, key industry stakeholders are looking for tailor-made solutions based on specific requirements, leading to the spawning of several market research service providers.

Key disruptive trends, including emergence of homegrown market research companies, extensive reliance on cloud-based solutions and other important technologies and the rising popularity of on-demand market data and intelligence have led to significant developments in the market research and competitive intelligence domain.

In the contemporary intelligence dissemination landscape, home grown market research companies comprise the maximum share of the revenue pie. The impression of home-grown companies, specifically across countries like India, has now transitioned from the traditional ‘low-cost’ model to that of ‘high quality’.

In this blog, we attempt to trace some prominent global and homegrown market research intelligence and data engine service providers, with specific emphasis on core competencies and intelligence services.

Leverage the Full Potential of Market Research to Customer Experience Managements with Qualtrics

When it comes to delivering major breakthroughs across key organizational pockets, Qualtrics is here to save the day. With notable entities such as Ferrari, Spotify, Belkin, BMW, Coca-Cola and Mayo Clinic as its primary users, Qualtrics helps design and expand their XM program, training teams, providing ongoing support and help maximize returns on investment.

Prominent end users of the platform have reported 95% satisfaction with service delivery and 96% satisfaction with support. Furthermore, there are over 700 delivery partners on the Qualtrics Partner Network.  The company’s XM Basecamp offers a range of course and certifications, centered on enhancing customer experience, employee experience, Qualtrics 360 and the CoreXM Expert and Qualtrics Platform Essentials among others.

How has Mintel Acquired Clientele with its Product Oriented Approach with Mintel GNPD?

If you are looking for the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of market intelligence, Mintel is the right fit for research enthusiasts. Being at the pinnacle of market intelligence, Mintel’s analysis of consumers, new products and competitive landscapes offers a unique perspective on global and local economies.

  • What is unique about Mintel is its emphasis on product specific intelligence. Its global new products database (GNPD) has been supporting innovation and research since four decades, accumulating, compiling and explaining the data from 1000s of new products every day.
  • Product intelligence adds micro-level relevance to the macro context of their market analysis, bringing to clients real-world examples of the product/service launches which drive the numbers.

The most exhaustive and widest coverage of major B2B and B2C industries and niche markets: Avail MarketNgage’s  Cutting-Edge Insights

MarketNgage is powered by 4 key market research organizations – Transparency Market Research, Future Market Insights, Fact.MR and Persistence Market Research. The platform is a unified intelligence engine, helping attain synergy and avoid data clutter.

The uniqueness of MarketNgage are rooted in the following objectives:

  • It enables access to syndicated reports, niche market reports, gen-x market intelligence and consumer voices.
  • Strategizing businesses of over 20,000+ enterprises across 100 countries, the subscription platform has identified gaps in traditional research delivery models.
  • Offering a flexi-price model, and a multi format research delivery, MarketNgage caters to Global Enterprises, start-ups as well as Universities and academics
  • Has the widest coverage across all major industries and over 1200+ niche markets and product segments.

Discover the Next Global Opportunity through Euromonitor’s Passport

Passport, an all-encompassing platform from Euromonitor, assists in generating reports with real-world relevance.

  • A syndicated global research database, Passport offers an understanding of the global economic landscape across more than 200 countries
  • Student friendly research approach enables graduates from universities gain a deeper insight into market performance
  • Research reports are also faculty conducive, enabling them to not only leverage it for research projects, but also incorporate them in their courses
  • Library staff use their research to answer a broad range of inbound enquiries

Ipsos’ Activate Facilitates Real-Time Marketing Optimization

The cornerstone of Ipsos’ is to deliver a holistic and unified approach to marketing mix modelling- aiming to tap into all marketing and non-marketing variables having a direct or indirect impact on sales and marketing ROI. Be it promotion, product, pricing or operational, all of them have an impact on marketing effectiveness.

  • Activate enables users to monitor and manage marketing performance and efficiency at global and local levels, helping build more effective plans through optimization and using what-if simulation tools.
  • A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based solution, the platform enables cross-functional marketers and executives take advantage of a sophisticated unified measurement analytic framework within a set of easy to use web-based tools.

Kantar Marketplace has a Multi-Faceted Industrial Approach

Data and evidence-based intelligence provider Kantar offers a complete, unique and rounded understanding of people- ranging from how they feel, think and act, globally and locally across more than 90 markets.

The agency provides data consulting services and compelling insights across 11 major industries. Kantar Marketplace is the integrated platform from Kantar and has a well-rounded suite of market research tools to help clients optimize their marketing mix across these industries

By Abizer Shaikhmahmud

Abizer Shaikhmahmud is a Content Writer & Editor at Future Market Insights, an ESOMAR-certified market research and consulting market research company. He has written extensively about evolving trends in the market research industry.

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